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Registering for Scotia OnLine is easy. Once you are registered, you can make your accounts accessible through Scotia OnLine.

  1. Select "Pay" from the top menu
  2. Select "Pay a Bill"
  3. From the "Enter" tab select the payee from the available payee list and click "Next"
  4. From the "Details" tab" select the following and click "Next":
    • Choose the account where the payment will be taken from
    • Enter the amount to pay
    • Frequency of payment (One time, weekly or monthly), payment date (When) or starting and ending date.
  5. Confirm the details of the bill payment and click "Pay"
  1. Select "Settings" from the top menu
  2. Select "Security Settings"
  3. From the "Change Password" tab enter the following:
    • Old password
    • Create a new password (New password)
    • Re-enter password
  4. Click "Change Password"

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