Transaction Limits

In response to COVID-19, we have temporarily increased transaction limits at our ATM, Point of Sale and Transfer Limits on Scotia Online/Mobile App. 

Scotia OnLIne /

Mobile App

Within Scotiabank

  • Up to JMD equivalent of US$5,000 per transaction/ Up to JMD equivalent of US$5,000 per day/ Up to JMD equivalent of US$10,000 per week/ up to JMD equivalent of US$15,000 per month.

Other Banks

  • Up to JMD equivalent of US$4000 per transaction/ JMD equivalent of US$6,000 per weekly/ JMD equivalent of US$8,000 per month.

Transfers (Credit Accounts)

  • Up to JMD $1,200,000 per transaction.


  • Cash Withdrawals Up to JMD$100,000 per transaction /Up to JMD$100,000 per day (higher limits may be arranged with your branch)

(Point of Sale )

  • Purchases Up to JMD$350,000 per transaction /Up to JMD$350,000 per day.  

Remember you can make transactions on any of our self-service channels including Scotia Online, ATMs and the Scotia Mobile App, 24 hours a day.