Our family of investment options is designed to meet a full range of investment objectives, including yours.


With our family of investment options you will find all the information and tools you need to learn the basics of investing, reviewing products and services, and shape your investment strategy.

Jamaica Deposit Insurance Corporation

Deposits in Jamaica are insured. The insurance covers up to JMD$600,000 per depositor, per institution. The more common ownership categories are: (1) Individual (2) Joint (3) Trust (4) Business Accounts (5) Nominee Accounts.

Scotia Investments Jamaica Limited

We provide a comprehensive range of investment opportunities to help you meet your long-term financial goals.

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Investing in you

  • Investing makes your money grow. Whatever your current finances, investing today will improve your position. It's that simple.

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Term Deposits

Term Deposits principal protected investments offer you a guaranteed rate of interest, long term security or short- term flexibility, interest payments tailored to your needs.

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With our global expertise and local insight we deliver sophisticated financial solutions designed to address your unique financial needs and help your family manage your wealth today and develop new sources of wealth for future generations.

Scotia Wealth

  • Scotia wealth provides you with an integrated and customized package that fulfils your specialized local and international wealth management needs.

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