Terms and Conditions

1. Some conditions apply. Bonus interest is paid to eligible accounts based on the annual average monthly balance of the Automatic Savings Plan contributions made during the 18-month term, less any withdrawals made that are not offset by an equal or greater lump sum deposit. The incremental bonus is paid in addition to the regular posted rates on the account. See your branch for full details.


2. The monthly fee for the Banking Plan is waived if the required daily closing balance in the savings account is maintained throughout the month. If the required daily closing balance is not maintained during a given month, the monthly fee will be charged to the Plan's savings account. In the event that either the savings or everyday bank account in the Plan is closed any remaining account in the Plan will be converted to a Total Access Account or a Primary Savings Account, as applicable. The regular service charges and monthly fees associated with the new account will apply.


3. Excludes non-Scotiabank ATM transactions, and transactions conducted at out-of-country ATMs (see your branch for applicable fees), transfers to third parties or involving accounts held at other financial institutions; Sundry transaction fees apply (e.g. Stop payment of cheques, wire transfers, ATM transactions done at other bank's machines, etc).


4. See branch for current interest rates and fees. Interest rates quoted are subject to change at anytime without notice.


No charge for deposits

Service charges, account features and/or benefits outlined are subject to change without notice (in accordance to local laws). All fees are quoted in Jamaican dollars, unless otherwise specified. Interest rates quoted are subject to change at anytime without notice.