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In this section we provide practical, useful advice and tips, to help you with your own personal finances.

Scotia LifeLine Podcast

Scotia LifeLine podcast offers insight, financial tips and relevant information for your long-term personal & financial growth.

Episode Nine:

What's all the fuss about?

Host Sherrando Ferril speaks with Scotia Insurance's new General Manager - Hugh Reid, on why you need to start planning now for the period of time when you no longer earn an income

Episode Eight:

What exactly are annuities?

Host Sherrando Ferril speaks with Product Development Manager - Erica Anderson on What exactly are annuities?

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Running time 16:00 minutes

Retirement Advice

Are you ready for retirement? Read articles, myths & facts on retirement and more.

Saving for Retirement

What retirement lifestyle do you plan to have? Learn how to have the one you want with some simple tips.

More details, Saving for Retirement
Preparing for Retirement

The earlier preparations for retirement start, the better. A major challenge for the retiree is crossing the threshold from saving funds to using funds.

More details, Preparing for Retirement

Seminars / Educational Forum

The retirement stage of life is very important and requires long-term planning and an understanding of what is required to maintain an active lifestyle without your usual income.


Effective planning for retirement should begin as early as your first job! Hear from some young professionals, their thoughts on why they have started planning for their retirement!

Watch the Testimonials, Testimonials
Scotia Insurance Seminar on Pension

Scotia Insurance hosted an educational session to provide well-needed information on pensions, specifically Individual Retirement Plans. Listen in on expert advise on the implications and benefits of individual retirement plans.


Tools and Options

Scotiabank is dedicated to helping you save and grow your personal wealth. We know that sometimes saving can be a challenge and your goals may seem far off. We can help you save for all your life goals from a new purchase, a car, your first home and even your retirement. And it's easier than you think.

Retirement Calculator

This handy tool can show you how saving on a regular basis can help you achieve your short and long-term financial goals—throughout your life.

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Net Worth Calculator

Our net worth calculator will help you identify your goals, perform a cash-flow analysis (how do you spend your money today) to determine how your spending habits impact your financial worth, and develop a net worth statement.

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