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    You want to save up to 20% of your annual income towards your retirement while receiving tax-deferred earnings on the amount.

    ScotiaBRIDGE is recognized under the Pensions Act, 2004 as an Approved Retirement Scheme. This product enables individuals to accumulate tax-deductible contributions during their working years and to invest these contributions until they retire.

    To become a ScotiaBRIDGE plan member, you must not be an active member of an Approved Superannuation Fund or another Approved Retirement Scheme. However if you are self-employed or an employee of a company that doesn't offer a Pension Plan, and you are between the ages of 18 - 68 as well as being a Jamaican resident, you are eligible to become a ScotiaBRIDGE plan member.

    On becoming a ScotiaBRIDGE plan member your contributions are invested in units of an Investment fund. Upon reaching retirement age, you must purchase a Payout Annuity or another approved income plan.

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    We won't retire before you do!

    Scotia Insurance is a fully-owned subsidiary of Scotiabank, which has been in Jamaica since 1889.

    That's why is the safest individual retirement plan for your funds. Find out more today.


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