An all-in-one financial solution that will bring protection, investment potential and peace of mind to you and your family.

Universal Life policy

Affirm from Scotia Insurance is a Universal Life Insurance policy that provides a flexible way to help protect your loved ones.

Investment potential

Affirm offers life insurance with investment potential. You can direct your total premium to the investment funds of your choice. Affirm offers you three different investment funds –a Money Market Fund,  a Fixed Income Fund and a Growth Fund so you can build a portfolio that's just right for you.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

You can add Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage or Critical Illness coverage that pays a benefit if you are ever diagnosed with a covered illness, for comprehensive coverage within one policy.


Through Affirm, you have flexibility to meet your changing needs. For example, basic premiums can be paid once a month or once a year and you have the option to add premiums to your investment funds at any time. You can select the Sum Insured Enhancement benefit that will increase your insurance coverage each year by 5% of the original amount, without the need to have a medical exam.


Affirm is affordable, especially when you consider the protection and peace of mind it can bring to you and your family.


Affirm is underwritten by Scotia Jamaica Life Insurance Company Limited, a subsidiary of Scotiabank, one of the strongest financial institutions in the Caribbean. So you know we'll be there when you need us.

A point to consider

Affirm Universal Life Insurance policyholders are given the opportunity to participate in certain investment funds by purchasing units in these funds. Insurance investment funds acquire and hold different types of investments depending on their investment objectives. The value of these investment funds may change from day to day, reflecting changes in interest rates, economic conditions, and other factors impacting the values of investments held in the funds. 

As a result, the value of the units held in the respective investment funds may go up or down and the value of your investment may be more or less than the original unit price upon redemption. Past performance of the investments funds is not indicative of future performance. Contact a Scotia Insurance Representative to learn more about the characteristics and risks of each available investment fund.

Affirm Facts Sheets

Visit Scotia Affirm Facts Sheets to read the quarterly reports.

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