Scotiabank Treats 1,600 Frontline Healthcare Workers at Cornwall Regional Hospital 

December 22, 2021 – Over 1,600 healthcare workers at the Cornwall Regional Hospital were recognized for their selfless efforts in the face of an almost two-year fight against the coronavirus pandemic, during a  Christmas luncheon held by the Scotia Jamaica Foundation on the grounds of the hospital on Tuesday, December 21.

Scotiabank staff and volunteers from its branches across the island, helped to make the day a memorable one for the healthcare workers as they continue to rise to the demands of treating COVID-19 patients, potentially at significant cost to their own health and wellbeing.

According to several of the healthcare workers it was a welcome break, from the challenges they encounter daily on the job. Dewayne Fletcher, a Patient Care Assistant (PCA), was very appreciative of the kind gesture by Scotiabank.

“Scotiabank always gives back to the staff. We appreciate them giving back to the hospital in every aspect. Most of us are customers also.  The service is excellent. We do not have to wait in long lines anymore. Once we show our identification we get through quickly. They have also helped me to gain some of the things I have today,” Fletcher said.

Another elated healthcare worker, Damoya Wedderburn, also a Patient Care Assistant was grateful that they were recognized for their unrelenting service especially during the pandemic.

“I think it is a very good gesture. We feel appreciated and that we are remembered for the good work that we are doing. It is a bit rough and scary because we have had to work with coronavirus patients. On my ward there are some patients that come down with it. I have not caught it, thanks be to God,” Wedderburn said.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, Scotiabank has lent its support to the fight, and remains committed to playing their part. The Bank says it is very pleased to be able to recognize Cornwall Regional Hospital’s very deserving health care workers. According to Yanique Forbes-Patrick, Vice-President, Public Affairs and Communications at Scotia Group Jamaica Limited, healthcare workers have been the ultimate heroes throughout this pandemic, as they work tirelessly on the front line.

“This has been an extremely difficult year for everyone but our heroes on the front lines and our healthcare workers in particular have demonstrated a level of selflessness and commitment that is truly commendable. This is our way of saying thank you and showing our appreciation for what we know has been a very difficult period,” Forbes- Patrick said.

With Jamaica recording its first COVID-19 patient in March 2020, the country has been on high alert with its response to this virus which has been wreaking havoc internationally.

Charmaine Beckford, Chief Executive Officer at the Cornwall Regional Hospital, in expressing appreciation on behalf of the healthcare workers said, with the extreme demands they have faced to their own physical safety and indirectly to that of their families, they were happy for the support from Scotiabank.

“Our healthcare professionals are working tirelessly on the front line. We appreciate the efforts to recognize us for our service to the country.  This is everyone’s fight and we have all been affected by this pandemic,” Beckford said.

 “Scotiabank’s recognition is well-deserved, and we appreciate this kind gesture that shows their gratitude,” Beckford added.

The Cornwall Regional Hospital is a Type 'A' hospital and is the only hospital outside of Kingston providing most of the specialist services. It was the first multidisciplinary hospital constructed in Jamaica and is the main hospital of four in the Western Regional Health Authority.