Senior Management Team

Mr David Noel

Audrey Tugwell Henry
President and Chief Executive Officer 

Tricia Davies

Makeba Bennett-Easy
Vice President, Human Resources

Tricia Davies

Tricia Davies  
Vice President, Business Support

Tricia Davies

Yanique Forbes-Patrick 
Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications

Mr Richard Fraser

Richard Fraser 
Vice President, Senior Legal Counsel
& Corporate Secretary


Perrin Gayle
Senior Vice President Retail Banking  


Marcette McLeggon
Chief Risk Officer  


Tonya Russell
Senior Marketing Manager, Operations

Dr. Adrian Stokes

Adrian Stokes 
Senior Vice President & Head of Insurance and Wealth Management

Mr. Gary-Vaughn White

Gary-Vaughn White
Vice President 

Ms. Michelle Wright

Naadia White 
Vice President, Compliance 


Shelee Wilkie Channer
Chief Auditor

Ms. Michelle Wright

Michelle Wright
Chief Financial Officer