Senior Management Team

Mr David Noel

David Noel
President and Chief Executive Officer 

Tricia Davies

Tricia Davies  
Vice President, Business Support

Tricia Davies

Yanique Forbes-Patrick 
Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications

Mr Richard Fraser

Richard Fraser 
Vice President, Senior Legal Counsel
& Corporate Secretary

Craig Mair

Marcia Gaudet
Director Human Resources


Perrin Gayle
Senior Vice President, Corporate and Commercial Banking


Marcette McLeggon
Chief Risk Officer  

Dr. Adrian Stokes

Adrian Stokes 
Senior Vice President & Head of Insurance and Wealth Management

Ms. Audrey Tugwell Henry

Audrey Tugwell Henry 
Executive Vice President Retail Banking  

Mr. Gary-Vaughn White

Gary-Vaughn White
Vice President 

Ms. Michelle Wright

Naadia White 
Vice President, Compliance 


Shelee Wilkie Channer
Chief Auditor

Ms. Michelle Wright

Michelle Wright
Chief Financial Officer