Giving Back

At Scotiabank Jamaica, community involvement is not something we just talk about. It is an important part of the way we live, work and do business every day which led us to establish the Scotiabank Jamaica Foundation in 1996 and the Scotiabank Jamaica Volunteers programme in 2005.

Scotiabank through its network of branches across Jamaica maintains an intimate relationship with its customers at the community level. This commitment is reflected in the involvement of many of our employees in community service as well as participation in social, cultural and sporting activities.

Community Involvement
  • The Scotiabank Jamaica Foundation (SJF) 
    ScotiaFoundation will make an measurable impact in Jamaica, enriching the lives of economically and socially disadvantaged persons, supporting institutions and communities through sustainable corporate social responsibility; while reducing dependence and creating empowered beneficiaries.
  • Scotiabank Nutrition for Learning Programme 
    The main programme for the Foundation is the Scotiabank Nutrition for Learning Programme.  It is intended to bring nutrition in children to the forefront, to improve educational outcomes such as attendance and academic performance, as well as to introduce heathy eating habits to children at the early childhood and primary levels.  It incorporates students, teachers, parents, and partners with a similar vision.

    Scotiabank has operated a Breakfast Programme since 2000 growing from one school to 10 schools in 4 parishes and provided funding for the preparation of breakfast for needy children.  In 2018, this evolved into the Scotiabank Nutrition for Learning Programme as we expanded to include all parishes and increased the number of institutions to 34 focusing on children under 12 years old. There are 30 schools and 4 homes for children with special needs.  These institutions benefit from the five main elements of the programme:

            • Training Workshop for Canteen Cooks by Chef Jackie Tyson
            • Healthy Eating Classes (Led by ScotiaVolunteers)
            • Donation of kitchen equipment
            • Funding for purchase of food supplies for breakfast and lunch
            • Creation of Vegetable Gardens (Led by ScotiaVolunteers)

    Scotiabank ended its other community commitments in 2017 to give priority to this programme as a response to the government’s call for partnerships to improve the nutrition in children. The programme is endorsement by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information.  The Scotiabank Nutrition for Learning Programme aligns with Jamaica’s Vision 2030 Goal #1 – Jamaicans are empowered to achieve their fullest potential and it supports: National Outcome #1 - A Healthy and Stable Population, and National Outcome #2 - World-Class Education and Training.
  • Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket in Jamaica
    Jamaica is one of the 20 Caribbean countries—15 of which play cricket which have launched the successful Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket Programme—Scotiabank and cricket make a terrific team in Jamaica and the West Indies.