Scotiabank staff raise $206,000 for Pink Day

(Thursday, October 17, 2013) Scotiabank staff sold 2,000 pink pins, raising $206,000 toward the Jamaica Cancer Society's Pink Day Drive. This represents 10 percent of the JCS' minimum target of raising two million dollars to fund public education and awareness programmes.

"Awareness, support, care and early detection are all critical functions of the Jamaica Cancer Society, and because of how important this issue is to all Jamaicans, our staff rallied in support of helping the Cancer Society meet its target," said Joylene Griffiths Irving, Director Corporate Social Responsibility and Executive Director of the ScotiaFoundation. Pink Day was observed on October 4 and is recognized internationally as the day of awareness of breast cancer. October is Breast Cancer awareness month.

"We are very grateful for the efforts extended and the attention given to this worthwhile initiative by Scotiabank staff. Each person who joins us in the fight against breast cancer by purchasing a pin for $100 makes a contribution toward our public health education programmes which we deliver free to the public," said Yulit Gordon, Executive Director Jamaica Cancer Society.

The ScotiaFoundation and the ScotiaVolunteers are longtime supporters of the Jamaica Cancer Society. In 2000 the ScotiaFoundation donated a fully equipped Mobile Mammography Unit valued at $10.4M. In 2008, more than 1,300 women in rural areas across the country received mammograms, sponsored by the Foundation at a cost of $2.5M.

"We are grateful for the level of response we have seen generally across Jamaica which shows that our efforts over the years to spread awareness have been fruitful. We however still have much to do and so I encourage everyone to continue to support the Jamaica Cancer Society, get informed about early detection, and support the women and men in our communities who are battling or have overcome this disease," Mrs. Gordon said.

Throughout the month of October the Jamaica Cancer Society has been hosting events across the island, including screenings, Keeping Abreast luncheon, Jamaica Reach to Recovery 5K and the Breast Cancer Medical Symposium. World Mammography Day will be on October 18.