Top Award in Customer Service by PSOJ/JaCSA Awards

Scotiabank has been recognised for excellence in the categories of 'leadership and customer service strategy' and 'complaints management' by the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica and the Jamaica Customer Service Association, while being jointly awarded as first place winners the large business-to-consumer category.

"We are very honoured to again be recognized, having previously won the award in 2013", said Rosemarie Voordouw, Director Customer Experience, Scotiabank. "From the very top of the Scotiabank organization, straight from our CEO, there is a focus on the customer experience, with emphasis placed on improving and delivering exemplary customer service at all levels. And what we find is that our customers are appreciative about our interpersonal interactions and are invariably willing to share this appreciation about specific with us" she continued.

PSOJ/JaCSA Service Excellence Award 2016, in an annual award, that judges companies based on international benchmarks such as complaints logging and tracking mechanism, monitoring and auditing measurement, training and capacity building, service excellence ambassadors and recognition and rewards.

"One strategic pillar of Scotiabank is customer focus" shared Ms. Voordouw, "the objective of which is to serve existing customers even better". Customer focus involves varied strategic initiatives at all levels across the organization that include, constant measurement of the service delivery; the positioning of service champions in each branch, who assist the team keep focused, trained, and always on the message of excellent customer experience; continuous sharing of strategies and tips through the internal communication channels; and a healthy rewards and recognition system focused on the delivery of the customer experience. At a leadership level, there also are regular meetings that assess the customer experience and determine areas required for improvement.

Voordouw also highlighted the Scotiabank service promise to customers, an internal promise recited daily that include five commitments to our customers. According to Voordouw, "we recognize that today's customers are very knowledgeable and powerful thanks to the access that technology provides. Because of this every business has to know that the customer is number one. And that is why every part of the bank, out branches and the executives are focused on providing customer focused service, she continued.

Over the years Scotiabank has been the recipient of a number of awards including World Class Certification and Highest Customer Service by Industry by the Service Quality Management Group (SQM), won by their Contact Centre for four consecutive years.