Discontinuation of Express Dropbox Services

Effective February 16, 2024 our Express Dropbox will no longer be available. 

We invite you to utilise the convenient alternatives listed below:

Credit card only

Retail Deposit

SMEs and Commercial customers


  • Allow us to assist you with the opening of a Deposit Account.  Having a Scotia account makes it easy to directly transfer payments to your credit card.

  • Use your credit card and PIN to make cash payments at any  of our full-service deposit ATMs.


  • Utilise our ATMs to make all cheque and cash deposits (speak with your branch to get instant access to a part of the deposited funds).

Credit Card Payments

  • Scotia OnLine, the Scotia Mobile App or ATMs allow you to easily make transfers for any bill payments.


  • Business banking customers can use our convenient (Anytime) Depository service to deposit cheques.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and invite you to speak with our team if you have a concern.