Scotiabank Teams with Five Major Retailers for Black Friday

Shoppers urged to use new credit card instalment plan for purchases

November 25, 2021 – As the observance of ‘Black Friday’ shopping celebrations continues to take off locally, Scotiabank will be making the period more festive for its credit cardholders as they make use of the planned specials on household and personal items this weekend.

At six locations across five retailers, Dunn’s Electrical & Lighting, Home & Things, Appliance Traders Limited, Creative Building Finishes and Hi-Pro Ace Supercentre, Scotiabank credit cardholders will have the opportunity to share JA$700,000 in cash incentives, just for using their card on the Black Friday shopping weekend.  Shoppers simply need to look out for the Scotiabank in-store promotion at any of the named merchants for a chance to win.

For Scotiabank credit cardholders who continue to use their cards for the remainder of the holiday season, they will have the chance to win another J$140,000. Instant prizes will also be awarded as shoppers Spin-The-Wheel with each use of their card. “This is part of our Christmas gift to our customers this year as we will be rewarding them for shopping with their convenient and secure Scotiabank credit card at several of our merchant partners,” said Simone Hull, Marketing Manager, Caribbean North — Scotiabank.

“It is also the perfect time for Scotiabank credit cardholders to try out Scotia SelectPay,” shared Hull.

This exciting new programme, introduced this year by Scotiabank, allows credit card users to convert higher cost purchases into smaller fixed payment amounts for up to 12 months. Scotia SelectPay can be activated via the Bank’s online or mobile banking platforms.

“All a customer has to do is choose any purchase over J$40,000, using online banking or our mobile app, and it will be converted into a fixed monthly payment for a duration of the customer’s choosing. Whether it be 3 months, 6, 9, or up to 12 months, that payment will be incorporated into the normal monthly credit card payment at an interest rate much lower than the regular card rate,” she explained.

Hull also added that those shopping in-store and wanting to know more about SelectPay can easily do so from the Scotiabank staff on hand during the two- day event.

“There will be lots of prizes and surprises as each store will have a special guest in attendance for a short period with whom the customers can shop and interact while getting in the festive spirit,” she noted in closing.