Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket in Jamaica

As the Official Bank of West Indies Cricket and the Exclusive Sponsor of Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket, Scotiabank's support of cricket helps to promote, develop and celebrate a sport that is an integral part of our Caribbean history, culture, and identity.

Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket Programme

Providing equipment to schools and giving children the opportunity to play cricket is just part of our commitment. You will often see our staff on the pitch, sharing their time and expertise, fostering children's knowledge and appreciation for the game.

The Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket programme targets boys and girls, ages 7-12. In addition to teaching them how to play the game, Kiddy Cricket helps to foster a love of learning and builds leadership skills. By developing motor skills, arts & crafts abilities, and even math speediness, Kiddy Cricketers become more disciplined and confident - traits that will serve them well later in life.

The Scotiabank sponsored Kiddy Cricket programme was introduced to Jamaica in 2000 and is part of Scotiabank's investment in the youth of the Caribbean.

The program aims to help primary school children gain and maintain an appreciation for cricket, the game that is deeply rooted in their West Indian heritage; in addition, it helps children develop positive values and good sportsmanship, and enhances the appeal of their education.

The Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket programme provides equipment and training for teachers to coach the basics of the game Through Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket children acquire an interest and passion for playing cricket, develop interpersonal skills, self-confidence, and self-discipline qualities that benefit them for a lifetime.

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