Structured Finance

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Your business has cross-border purchasing requirements

Short-, medium- or long-term financing can be structured by taking advantage of our risk mitigating tools and techniques.

With a presence in more than 50 international markets, we are equipped to provide corporate, project or sovereign loans in local currency, U.S. dollars or Euros.

Short-term Financing

We can provide import/export financing for a variety of goods sold on short credit terms using tools such as letters of credit, bills of exchange or structured financing with credit enhancements.

Our short-term financing solutions include:

Consumer products


Agricultural products

Longer-term Financing

Our years of industry experience have led us to form strong relationships with export credit agencies and multilateral agencies, helping us structure competitive financing solutions for our clients.

The risk mitigation tools and techniques we use allow us to provide longer repayment terms, underwrite larger amounts and provide competitive pricing, while supporting cross-border purchases. These tools include programs provided by:

Export Credit Agencies and Multilateral Agencies

Export credit programs available from major export credit agencies

Project and investment guarantees from multilateral and bilateral agencies

Private Insurance

Mitigate cross-border credit and/or political risks with insurance policies

Some of the sectors we currently support include:


Roads and bridges

Airports and sea ports

Electric power generation and transmission

Water treatment plants (potable water, desalination and sewage treatment)


Commercial and private aircraft, including helicopters

Plastics equipment (injection, extrusion, etc.)

Plastics equipment (injection, extrusion, etc.)

Telecommunications and Industrial Equipment

Radars and air traffic control

Boilers and brewing equipment

Plastics equipment (injection, extrusion, etc.)

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