Agricultural Sector

Agricultural Sector

Scotiabank Jamaica agricultural loans are granted1 for:

  • Working capital for long-term farm projects
  • Production of short-term crops (e.g., replanting costs for sugar cane and cash crops, pasture upgrading in dairy and beef production, and emergency needs, such as peat control and fencing)
  • Rearing livestock
  • Financing long-term crops, such as coffee and citrus
  • Purchase of new machines and equipment
  • Agro-industry projects

Eligibility Criteria

Approval will be considered for loans meeting the following criteria:

  • Customer's contribution of at least 30% of the project cost as cash equity contribution
  • Projects must make a positive contribution to the country's economic development (e.g., creating employment, generating foreign exchange)
  • There must be a competent management structure in place
  • There must be good prospects of profitable return
  • Projects must be environmentally friendly
  • Foreign investors may be eligible, but the Bank of Jamaica must receive approval

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