Scotia Premium Short-Term Income Fund (JMD)

Fund overview

Fund risk

Fund risk - Low

Reasons to invest

Return potential
The Fund provides the potential for higher returns on short-term fixed income investments when compared to traditional money market solutions

Enjoy an income component which complements the potential modest growth in capital

Suitable for investors across the risk spectrum, but especially for those with a low risk tolerance

Investment objective

The Fund seeks to provide liquidity and quarterly income by investing in JMD-denominated short-term debt instruments including government securities, treasuries, CDs, repurchase agreements, and other cash equivalents.

Fund characteristics

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Minimum investment amounts

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Pre-authorized contribution


Return potential
In a low-rate environment, adding exposure to longer-tenured securities may enhance yield relative to traditional money market investments

Lower volatility
The Fund is positioned with less risk relative to traditional fixed income investments

Provides investors with regular access to cash when needed

Professional management
Scotia Investments’ Fund Managers have been managing portfolios for over 20 years. They maintain a disciplined approach to fixed income investing that focuses on credit quality, duration and the interest rate cycle.

Pre-authorized contributions
You can set up a Pre-Authorized Contribution (PAC) to regularly invest in Funds. Investing regularly is one of the simplest ways to take advantage of market volatility and reduce the risks of market timing.


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Fund administrator

State Street Fund Services Toronto Inc.
State Street Financial Center
30 Adelaide Street East
Suite 1100
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5C 3G6