Business Continuity Planning

Best practices in risk management

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is just one of a family of risk management disciplines used by the Scotiabank Group to protect the assets of the organization and its ability to serve its customers. The need for business continuity planning complements what is often known as Disaster Backup and Recovery.

BCP has several components that require regular scheduled testing to ensure the plan is viable and to identify errors, omissions or ambiguities.

All business units within Scotia Investments Limited are a part of the overall BCP and play a vital role when the BCP is activated based on the unit's classification and/or significance and the duration of the disruption.

Pandemic Planning is also included in the BCP whereby proactive steps are executed with Scotia Investments employees to ensure:

  • Cross Training
  • Awareness
  • Prevention
  • Communication

Scotia Investments as part of Scotiabank Group will continue to include a viable BCP as a part of its best practice initiative to better serve its customers throughout times of disaster.

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