Why you should be in this programme

The Scotiabank Vision Achiever is a 17-week, seven module programme, led by ActionCOACH Marcia Woon Choy. The programme is designed to impart the core competencies required for running a profitable business, including training in sales, systemizing business processes, marketing and understanding business financials; but more importantly, building each participant’s capacity as a leader. 

In this programme you are challenged to think differently about entrepreneurship, to learn how to build, design and sustain a successful business. You are charged to learn how to implement systems to make your company one of choice for customers and a viable one for you as owners.

2023 top performers

Le Champ Cosmetics

Le Champ Cosmetics

  • Recorded year-on-year increases in revenue and profit by 250% and 115%, respectively
  • Hired five additional employees, up from one, 
  • Expanded its social media outreach significantly, scoring 1.7 million impressions and a 439% jump in leads.
Somers Furnishing


  • Reversed a loss-making bleed at his construction firm, increasing profit by 172%. 
  • Overhauled its cash-flow dynamic by revising its payment schedules and streamlined its accounts.
  • Reported improved staff morale and engagement.
Surf & Turf

Surf & Turf

  • Registered a revenue increase of 105% during the four-month course 
  • Recorded a 321% spike in profits year-on-year. 
  • Boasts a new alliance with a United Kingdom-based Jamaican company which enables travel with senior chefs for overseas-based catering jobs.