Complaints Handling Procedure

Service Standards for Handling Customer Complaints

Complaints raised will be acknowledged within 3 business days of receipt and a response provided to our customer that we will investigate the issue raised and make contact within five business days to formally advise our response. We aim to resolve complaints at the earliest opportunity with up to thirty (30) business days for resolution. Where the complaint cannot be resolved within 30 business days, we will advise the customer in writing outlining reasons for the delay and the revised expected resolution date. We ask that complete and timely information be provided to us to aid resolution in the shortest possible time.Please be aware that you are at liberty to escalate directly to the Financial Services Commission (FSC) at any time should you believe this is warranted.


How to Raise a Complaint

Our customers are at the heart of what we do and we value our customers’ feedback in better positioning us to meet our customer’s needs. The more we know about your concern, the more capable we will be at solving it. Here are the steps to raise a complaint.

Inform SGIA of your complaint by:

  Point of Contact

  Contact Method (s)

  Calling your General Insurance Advisor

   (876) 970-SGIA(7442)

  Emailing/writing your
  General Insurance Advisor