Making a Claim

In the unfortunate event that something happens to your car or property GK Insurance is there to help you. The process begins with you notifying the police within 24 hours and also GK Insurance.

To submit a claim using a claim form, please follow these steps:

First step

Complete relevant claim form


-        Auto Claim form

-        Theft Claim form

-        Windscreen Claim form


-        Property Claim form

Second step

i. Scan and email the form to

ii. Or drop off the hard copy at your nearest Scotiabank location  

Motor Claims- Accidents

ScotiaProtect policyholders are provided with the benefit of JAA roadside and accident assistance. In the event of a motor accident customers can call (876) 929-1200,  (876) 878-AUTO (2886) , 888-CALL-JAA (225-5522). At the scene the claims process is expedited, and any accident assistance rendered.

It is important that you share all the details of the incident as you recall them.

GKI will rely on this information to determine how they proceed with handling your claim; the more information they have the better able they are to manage your claim process quickly and efficiently.

Obtain the following info:

  • Details of all other vehicles involved in the accident
  • Name, address, contact number, drivers license number for the third party owner and/or driver
  • Details of all persons injured and damage sustained to vehicle/vehicles involved
  • Name, address, contact number,of witnesses and passengers in other vehicle(s)
  • Take pictures of the vehicles on the scene. It is best to do so before the vehicles are moved from the post accident location. Ensure the pictures are taken at a wide angle

Household Claims

As a homeowner there is the possibility that you may experience a damage or loss to your property or contents. In the event of such an occurrence the following steps should be taken when reporting a claim:

  1. Review your policy to confirm coverage.

  2. Submit a Property Claim Form.

  3. If items were damaged or stolen due to burglary or theft, report the matter to the Police and submit a Police Report when one becomes available. An external adjuster may be assigned to the claim. To expedite the process, the below documents are required: 

          a. Receipts for each damaged or stolen item

          b. Two estimates for the replacement of each damaged or stolen item.