Scotia Retirement Income Fund

  • Right for you if:

    You have retired, and have terminated your ARS or ASF

  • Scotia Retirement Income Fund is Scotia Insurances Immediate Payout Annuity.

    Scotia Retirement Income Fund is a follow up plan to Approved Retirement Schemes (ARS) including ScotiaBRIDGE or an Approved Superannuation Fund (ASF). After you have retired and have therefore terminated your ARS or ASF, a Scotia Retirement Income Fund will now provide you with an income during retirement!

    Product Highlights for Scotia Retirement Income Fund:

  • Offers variable and fixed payments respectively

  • The option of a 5-year guarantee period is available

  • Beneficiaries can be named

  • Variable payments begin immediately and continue up to the plan anniversary before your 80th birthday, at which point it converts from variable to fixed payments.

  • Flexibility in payment options monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

  • See product brochure for further details.

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