Electronic Access Youth

Electronic Access Youth


  • Unlimited Scotiabank ATM deposits and withdrawals

  • Unlimited POS, Internet and Mobile Banking transactions

  • Unlimited electronic transfers between Scotiabank accounts

  • Branch deposit and withdrawals: $385.00

  • Regular sundry fees apply

  • No Interest paid

  • Regular Multilink fees apply

  • Int'l ATM & POS charges apply

  • Free ATM Mini Statement

  • Find a local branch

    Enjoy convenient access to your accounts: in -branch, ATM, Internet, Mobile Banking or TeleScotia, or when you make purchases using Debit Point of Sale. All you need is your ScotiaCard Visa Debit card. Plus you get unlimited electronic transfers between Scotiabank accounts and no fee for deposits.

  • Unlimited local electronic transactions

  • Additional debit transaction fees apply when you visit the branch or use non-Scotiabank ATM machines (Multilink fees apply)

  • Account will be converted to Electronic Access Account after age 25

  • Additional Information

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