Activate your power with the ScotiaCardTM Mastercard® Debit   

Enhanced protection with the new Chip & Pin ScotiaCardTM Mastercard® Debit 

Experience the power of safety and security of Mastercard , the control of debit and the freedom to shop, all in one card.

What is  Chip & PIN debit? 

Chip & PIN cards feature an embedded microchip that encrypts cardholder information into a unique code improving security when making purchases at Chip-activated terminals. Chip & PIN technology provides better protection against fraud, with the added security of a Personal Identification Number (PIN). 

How do I activate my card?

You can activate it by:

  1. Activate at any Scotiabank or Cirrus ABM and enter your existing PIN.
  2. To enable contactless transactions, a cash withdrawal must be made from the card. 

How do I get my ScotiaCardTM Mastercard

No need to visit the branch to collect your card. 
Your new cards will be mailed to your address on file starting this October until March 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Protect your card

Scotiabank will never request your PIN, over email/phone. Do not disclose this information to anyone at any time