Changes to Credit Card Payments

Please be advised that we can no longer accept cheques drawn on a bank outside of Jamaica for direct payment to Scotiabank credit cards.

Effective September 14, 2020, customers wishing to make credit card payments using a foreign cheque will be required to deposit the cheque to their bank account. Funds will be held on these cheques for at least 10 working days. On expiry of the hold period, customers can transfer funds to their credit card using Scotia OnLine, Mobile or the ATM.

Cheques drawn on other local banks will continue to be accepted as direct payment to credit cards.

Funds will be available after 3 working days, once the cheque has cleared.

Scotiabank remains committed to providing excellent, convenient service to our customers. If you have any concerns with these changes, please give us a call at 888-4-SCOTIA and we will be happy to assist you.