2019 Scotia Next Play Winners Collect Prize Gears | Scotiabank Jamaica

May Pen, Clarendon – December 28, 2020 - While great focus is now being placed on the reopening of schools shuttered by the COVID-19 virus, students and coaching staff of the May Pen Primary School football programme are also celebrating the fruition of their winnings in the 2019 Scotiabank Concacaf Next Play tournament – which they hope will bolster their sporting endeavours when schools reopen.

On Friday, (December 18) the school was officially presented with over $2.2 million in sporting goods and field rehabilitation work for the school which now serves over X000 students. The funds garnered from the competition prize was used to purchase footballs, hydration and coaching equipment as well as gears for the students. Once the school reopen, the players will also benefit from a newly fenced and replanted football pitch for training sessions.

“We say thanks once more to Scotiabank for supporting youth football and for providing this prize,” said Major Paul Scott, Principal. On behalf of the school, Scott expressed excitement and high anticipation for the future expansion of its’ sporting programme which has won them numerous accolades.

Craig Richards, Manager, Scotiabank May Pen Branch who made the presentation also expressed excitement about the impact that the items and refreshed field development will have.

“Scotiabank has had a long history of involvement in both sports and youth development programmes in Jamaica. This donation makes us very proud particularly because we believe this will also inspire more children to engage in the sport and the physical improvements at the School also augers well for the entire community,” Richards said.

The Scotiabank Concacaf Next Play Cup is a primary school initiative which uses football as a vehicle to make a positive impact on children’s lives in the Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. It aims, not only to expose the boys and girls to the game, but targets the wholesome development of the children through the primary school system in the participating countries.

Craig Richards (left) , Scotiabank May Pen branch manager examines some of the items provided for the May Pen Primary Sports department from the funds won in the 2019 Concacaf Scotiabank Next Play football tournament. With him are Major Paul Scott ( right) and a student of the school.

Some of the gear and equipment procured for the Sports Department at the May Pen Primary School.

A section of a newly installed perimeter fence for the schools’ football field which is also being replanted.